I am a software developer with a passion for solving problems which regularly involve writing pieces of software, however, delivering a solution often involves problem solving outside of the context of the software itself. Currently working as a consultant for DevFacto Technologies* in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I spend my days helping clients build, maintain, and improve software applications.

I am primarily a C# .Net developer but also do a lot of client side JavaScript (for ASP.Net MVC solutions) and am interested in many technologies outside the Microsoft stack, including (but not limited to) Clojure, Linux, Erlang, NodeJs, and Ruby. I firmly believe that every technology has something to teach you and learning something new can always have an impact on how you work, whether you use that technology directly or not. For instance, over the last year I have begun delving into the world of functional programming and I think it is awesome (Clojure is pretty slick). It opens your mind to a completely different way of doing things and has completely changed the way I look at “for loops”.

Aside from all things development, I enjoy spending time outdoors, getting away to go hiking in the mountains when I can. I find that our best ideas come when we are least expecting it and there is nothing like standing on top of a mountain to recharge your mental batteries.

*All views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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